Quick update on new release

Ive added 152 tiles so far, Ive also reverted back to the original movement system for now(moving a tile at a time instead of pixel by pixel), will put it back eventually.

In the mean time, check out that house(That tree was a test, and is a bit too realistic haha,Untitled its made up of 14 separate tiles.

I also have multiple overlay arrays in the game now, a total of 6 including the base map, each designed for a different elevation is now LIVE!

Some stuff has been updated, movement should be more fluid now.  Code still isn’t there to move on to the next area yet, I need to get more tiles added before I can start messing with that, so expect a crash if you get too close.

Im also having issues with movement close to objects, so bear with me on that, I’m working on it.


– Moved movement code from .Net timer event to dedicated timer thread, movement more fluid now.
– Started converting over to new image system.  86 images added.

– Created overlay code for images with transparencies, this is going to allow for chests and the like to sit on top of dirt, stone, etc.


I also updated the site and working on getting more exposure, I’ve created a Twitter account, as well as reactivated my Facebook page, so head on over to both and join them!

Update! is LIVE!

Click on the Download button at the top to download the latest update to DynaCraft.

-WASD to move, ~ for console (type ‘quit’ in console to exit)

-Do not attempt to go to the far ends of the map, game will crash since that code isn’t in yet.


Theres absolutely nothing to do except move around in a single area of the map, BUT, once you install this, all you have to do is run it and itll automatically update to the newest version!


Id also like feedback on what resolution you’re running and how it looks, any bugs please make a screenshot and email them to jeffstaples1982@gmail.com, thanks!


[NOTE] When you start the game you’ll get an Error, just click Continue and you should be able to play as usual, if not let me know.